Drona (2008) - Music Review

Cast : Priyanka Chopra, Kay Kay Menon, Abhishek Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan
Directed by : Goldie Behl
Producer : Sunil Lulla, Shrishti Arya
Music Director : Dhruv Ghanekar
Lyricist : Vaibhav Modi
Release Date : 2 October 2008

Superhero fantasy adventures are the flourishing genre that has still not been explored and conceptualized with optimum finesse on big screen. After the colossal success of KRRISH, Goldie Behl's DRONA dares to be outrageous, creative as well as ground-breaking into foraying into this multifaceted genre. Abhishek Bachchan makes a gusto larger than life appearance as "Drona" and it is the second major solo release after the huge success of Mani Ratnam's GURU. It's indeed a Herculean effort to conceive music for films like DRONA as the emphasis is primarily on intimidating background sounds and swashbuckling sound effects rather on melody contents. Upcoming music composer Dhruv Ghanekar (of Ashu-Dhruv fame (WHITE NOISE, mp3-MERA PEHLA PEHLA PYAR), a alarming name among advertisement jingles, gets the opportunity of lifetime to prove his mettle as a worthy solo composer in this much awaited sci-fi fanfare. Will DRONA be as musical delight as it promises to be in its eye-goggling VFX impacts?
In 1989, Big B made a splashing "super-hero" impact in TOOFAN that had its genesis in Indian myth but was set in contemporary world. Abhishek Bachchan gets into similar caricatured scintillating "super-hero" avatar of "Drona" that gets glorified through thriving sound effects in pulsating title track "Drona". Dhruv Ghanekar's composition and rendition is high on sophisticated trendy electronic beat arrangements, loops, effects that deliver shades of thumping, echoing and thrilling impulsive sounds to boom out the multi-dimensional caricature of "Drona". This Vaibhav Modi penned song about savior who saves the mankind, is likely to be making more influences when it is going to be colliding with specialized breathtaking VFX effects on silver screen. The second version ("Drona Redux") comes in the scorching hot vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan is equally funky and quizzically pulsating in its arrangements that sets the floors on fire in its trendy rhythmical flows. Both the version are presumed to be introductory for the character "Drona" and is likely to be making significant presence as impounding background score in the notably visually alluring sequences of this sci-fi warfare.
It's again empirically profound tantalizing sound effects and digitalized beat patterns that make all striking moves in the soundtrack "Oop Cha". This Sunidhi Chauhan's gruffly paced number with zany lyrics is the most bankable number that is presumed to be flamboyant in its visual depiction. Dhruv Ghanekar's meticulous move on electronic beat patterns works wonders and collages with Sunidhi's svelte cum spontaneous rendition. "Oop Cha" is the one track that will be escalating high on charts in due course of time and is likely to be next hot-shot item for dance floors. It's zingy "fare-play remix" version is vigorously thumping and gets amiably spiced up with hip-hop and electronic sounds. It's one DJ's special number that will be played fast and high on discotheques and do enjoy its rollicking impulse by playing it loud.
Abhishek had two spectacular mushy romantic outings in melodies like "Chup Chup Ke" (BUNTY AUR BABLI) and "Bol Na Halke Halke" (JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM) and now "Bandagi", a mellifluously rendered song by Sunidhi Chauhan and Roop Kumar Rathod joins this elite league. It's a rhythm divine to find a cool amalgamation of Indian classical music with arresting "lounge" music impulse that leaves an everlasting impression on senses. After mesmerizing "Tere Liye" (VEER ZAARA), Roop Kumar Rathod makes a much needed comeback in mainstream with this soul enchanting track. Dhruv's composition is remarkable and the brilliant usage of electronic sounds in flows of Indian classical music is the most striking feature of the album. "Bandagi" has the tenacity of enhancing the romantic groovy binge on big screen and is likely to be accepted as one of the most adorable melodies of the year.Maestro A.R Rehman had a noteworthy outing in motherly compassionate track "Luka Chuppa" (RANG DE BASANTI) and now Dhruv makes all soulful moves in serenading out the similar emotional touches in "Nanhe Nanhe". This tenderly soft number is a lovable offering by Sadhna Sargan that is inundated in a rhythmical flow of a "lullaby" with a mesmerizing backdrop of soulful chorals by Nandini Shirkar. Dhruv's composition has bountiful of soft and tantalizing supple notes in the form of flute rendition and effective piano and keyboard works. Sadhna Sargam makes another noteworthy pristine presence as last time it was "Mukunda Mukunda" (DASHAVTARAM) that really set the right mood for the situation.
Dhruv makes heavy usage of jazz musical attributes in serenading out the boyish dreamy overtures with a suitable shouldering of Shaan's prolifically "yuppie" vocals in engrossing "Khushi". It's a lovable soundtrack that is high on trumpets, drums and saxophones notes with the backdrop of classically synchronized chorals in the voices of Suzzane D'mello, Francois Castellino, Dean and Sunaina Gupta. Shaan's sumptuous voice is simply perfect and the experimental move of using "jazz" musical aesthetics will likely to be alluring big takers among urbane-listeners.
Dhruv Ghanekar's efforts in DRONA are laudable and work thematically with the soundtracks that are experimental and strikingly innovative on its varied sound effects. Soundtracks like "Oop Cha", "Drona", "Bandagi" and "Khushi" are the ones that are likely to be having big takers among pop genre listeners for its fresh appealing outlook. DRONA is likely to be next big thing on musical charts that are going to create an impression (if not storm) and will be adding Dhruv Ghanekar among the desirables from fresh sect of composers.