Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi (2008) - Movie Review

Movie Name : Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi

Movie Cast : Sonu Sood, Eesha Koppikar, Alok Nath, Vishal Malhotra

Movie Director : Aushik Ghatak

Music Director : Ravindra Jain

Rating : 1.5 / 5

The film narrates the tale of Chandni (Eesha) who belongs to a middle-class family, living in one of the tiny by lanes of old Bhopal. Chandni lives with her father and younger siblings - Anuj & Sandhya. Chandni, who is deeply attached to her school going brother and sister, is trained in classical and folk music. During a stage performance she falls in love with Prem (Sonu) who hails from a rich business family. He is an unconventional ghazal singer and is full of mischief and pranks. Everything is going smoothly and picture perfect until, on the day of their engagement Chandni’s father passes away. Suddenly she is saddled with the responsibility of being the eldest in the family. On one hand, her ‘mehendi’ adorned hands are beckoning her to the dream home for her fiance and the other hands are her siblings, whom she cannot take along with her to her in laws house. She then takes the painful decision of not going ahead with her marriage with Prem so that she can bring up her little brother and sister with self-respect. Prem understands her and stands by her through thick and thin as she goes through her struggle. He unconditionally waits for Chandni for 12 long years until she fulfills all her responsibilities as an elder sister.

Blatantly lifted from its very own 1973 film, Tapasya, this Rajshri film doesn’t offer anything new. In fact the packaging, the music and even the technique of EVAB also belongs to that era. Rajshris seems to be one production house which refuses to come out the mould of its old success formula of their hero named Prem, poor heroine, three marriages, one engagement, many rituals, one death and a happy ending! Clearly aiming this film for the interiors, the makers have smartly avoided releasing this dated film in the multiplexes. The music by Ravindra Jain appears more boring as in the first half one slow tuned song comes in quick succession of the other.

The acting however is decent. Sonu Sood pitches in a good act and so does Eesha Koppikar. Not once does she remind you in this film that she once the Khallas babe. Alok Nath is good form after a long time. Amrita Prakash is sweet. Vishal Malhotra as Eesha’s brother is also good.

Kaushik Ghatak in his directorial debut doesn’t impress much. His narrative technique is completely sleep inducing.

One hopes the Rajshri’s settle for a more contemporary fare next time around.