A Flat (2010) - Movie Review

Cast: Sanjay Suri, Jimmy Shergill, Kaveri Jha
Director: Hemant Madhukar

Bollywood has witnessed a number of horror movies in the recent past. 'A Flat' released this Friday, November 12, 2010, falls in this genre. Though it's Hemant Madhukar's directorial debut, it proves his ability to tackle this genre of movies. This is another matter that the script hasn't helped him, but has rather failed him. The script is too weak to scare the viewer as being a horror film it is supposed to do.

The movie centers on an apartment where every thing goes very wrong. Jimmy Sheirgill who plays Rahul returns to India to find his father killed in his own flat! He visits the flat to see what may have gone wrong, and to his utter surprise he discovers the presence of some supernatural in the house. This power doesn't let him leave the house. Why? Again, he discovers that an innocent girl had died there and she haunts the house now to take revenge. Rahul comes to know about it from the girl's diary but fails to understand as to how the girl wrote about her death in the diary. This is another mystery?

Even though the script wasn't good enough, it was made up by the screenplay that is really good. This has helped the director to develop his characters as best as possible. How else they could have reacted the way they have done. It's a difficult task to react, especially under the fearful circumstances. In our critical analysis we find that the movie is good in many respects, and the director deserves applaud for it. He sees that the movie is tightly edited. In regard to the acting skill, we can proudly say that both Jimmy Sheirgill and Sanjay Suri have played their characters excellently though Hazel's character as a naïve village girl lacks a lot. She disappoints completely. However, the other female cast, Kaveri Jha, completely succeeds in playing her assigned role. The music part is average.

As a whole, the movie is average. It may fare well at theaters as there is only one competitor this Friday, and that's 'Ramaa -The Saviour'. And, the latter is quite different genre movie.