Contract (2008) - Music Review

Cast : Sakshi Gulati, Vineet Sharma, Sadia Siddiqui, Amruta Khanvilkar, Adhvik Mahajan, Zakir Hussain, Raju Satyam, Ranjeev Varma, Yasir Khan, Jai Tari, Brajesh Jha, Upendra Limaye, Vikas Srivastav, Rajendra Nirman, Vibha Cheebur, Jaspal Sandhu, Prasad Purandare, Saurabh Mahajan, Sumeet Nijhawan, Ziyah Vastani, Amruta Subhash, Raaj Gopal, Kishore Kadam
Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma
Producer : Ajay Bijli, Praveen Nischol, Sanjeev K. Bijli
Music Director : Amar Mohile, Bapi - Tutul, Sana Kotwal
Lyricist : Mehboob, Prashant Pandey
Release Date : 18 July 2008

RGV (Ram Gopal Verma) films have always arrived with explosive one-liners that are based on realistically inspired events and happenings. His forthcoming venture CONTRACT makes gory and blood-splattering impact with one-liner "Underworld meets terrorism" with new faces in the lead roles. After critically acclaimed SATYA and COMPANY, RGV completes his trilogy of the underworld films with CONTRACT. Like all his contemporary works, this album arrives with array of his favorite music directors (Bappi-Tutul, Amar Mohile and Sana Kotwal) emanating out his "specialized" dark action-packed thriller feel.
"Har Kafan", an RGV branded chilling number makes all intimidating moves as it come striking all the way with belligerent sounding arrangements and extra-thunderous vocals. Abhishek Nailwal and Runa Rizvi confrontational voices charge up to designate the sinister, gruesome and gory happenings that takes place in the film. This situational background score by Amar Mohile reminds of "Dhandha Hai Par Gandha Hai" (COMPANY) as it comes out as symbolic gesticulation of all dark happenings through Prashant Pandey's lyrical works.
Shilpa Rao made her remarkable presence in recently heard "Khuda Jaane" (BACHNA AE HASEENO) and now forms essential element of album's most audible song "Maula Khair Kare". The raunchy song has typical "gypsy" feel delivered through new composer Sana Kotwal's efforts and comes out with folksy flavors in its wordings. Sukhwinder Singh's booming voice forms affable concoction with Shilpa's resonating flows in making this an arresting "item song". Its catchy rhythmical patterns and spicy flavors will surely be making it as the most acceptable number and an eye-candy number for the film.
The word "contract" gets its emblematic substance as it gets glorified through another RGV stylized atrociously dreadful number "Jeene Ka". The dark sounding soundtrack by Amar Mohile delivers a horrifying appeal where the theme of the film gets extra-energized with screechy vocals, haunting arrangements and outrageously weird wordings. Ravi Shankar and Runa Rizvi vociferously overtones are typically suited to RGV genre of films and sound similar to songs like "Aake Darr" (DARNA ZARRORI HAI). This Prashant Pandey's written songs can be presumed to be daunting background score or do expect it to be making its presence in ending or beginning titles.
"Ek Bomb Lagana mangta hai..." in child voices haunts your senses!?Twinkle Twinkle", a thematically oriented and thought provoking number comes out with this punch-line and conveys the message of the aftermath and repercussions of bomb blasts. Amar Mohile makes optimum use of this nursery rhyme ("Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...") and concocts meaningfully with dreadful happenings of bomb blasts through the voices of Amitrajit Bhattacharjee, Ranjana Verma, Devika Verma and Trishe. It's again an effective but dreadful sounding background score that has been used in theatrical promos of the film.